Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sport and inspiration

I love sports and always have. I've just watched Rory McIlroy win the US Open golf championship and once again I get to connect with emotions that give me the smallest part of a vicarious victory.

How great to see a young man with a huge lead in the Masters a couple of months before, only to blow it on the last day with an 80, put that horror behind him and rise above to win the very next major. Inspirational stuff! Most people, certainly me, would be crushed by that. But here he is once again coming into the final round with a huge lead and the pressure of that blow up fresh in everyone's mind and the very first question journalists lead with since that tournament, and not only didn't he not blow up, he surged ahead with one of the best rounds of the day. Ah, sport - what would I do without you?

Now all we need is Tiger back to his best and see them head to head shooting the lights out. All I can do is hope.

Thanks to RoryMcilroyfan5000 - great clip!

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