Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dream Big

Monday, 22 July 2013

Amazing Pictures

I think I have a fairly good aesthetic; a good eye for spotting things that are above and beyond. Sometimes it's art, sometimes a piece of writing, and more lately in captured images.

There are so many good pictures, even more worthy pictures, but anyone with a digital camera and a heart to catch great shots knows, of the thousands of images taken, only a handful have every element perfectly aligned.

In many ways, pictures are as emotionally evocative as music, of smell, even of other people. They can move you if they capture the essence of their subject. They can educate you or open you to new ways of thinking if they throw new light on an old view. Sometimes they actually manage to heighten a split second of life that makes it more evocative than it ever could be in it's natural place or time.

To me, every image captured is worthwhile because every image is part of our lives. All are extraordinary to someone, but every now and again something happens, some unique convergence of elements that makes a simple photo extraordinary and moving.

Here are a few that moved me: