Saturday, 25 June 2011

So it's Sunday and still no-one's messaging me.

So here we are at Sunday again. I worked about 8 hours yesterday and did my whole gym, ride swim thing. Today is water polo - the team I play with - or at least train with. It's 3 hours of treading water and sprinting through water against guys who are really amazing water polo players.

I am fixing quite a few typos and grammar errors that got through on the current draft of INNER CITY. A bit embarrassing, but as I said I'm not a great proof reader at the best of times. Always get too carried away in the read and start skimming lines in a race to get to the next big moment instead of reading carefully. So sorry to the 1400 people who read it with them - although they are averaging about one every 400 words and most are strange floating commas, or a capital where it shouldn't be. So hopefully it hasn't stopped people enjoying the read.

If you're reading this - and I see the stats telling me people are - say hello. I'd love some of you to drop me a message. I don't bite. :)

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