Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hello and welcome to the blog of Scott Norton. I'll keep adding updates about books coming out and hopefully use this to post other writing and get to chat and interact with anyone who's read something and would like to chat about it.

So far Inner City has been out at Smashwords for about three months and is downloading much quicker than I ever imagine it would. To my first two reviewers - Musette and Andrey, thank you so much for taking the time and I'm really glad you like what you read.

The novel was originally online at a blog:

After about 3 months I deleted all but the first ten chapters and directed everyone to Smashwords. It's just too hard to know who is checking out the blog to read and who is just having a sticky beak.

For those who have asked what TV I worked on, especially those overseas.... I was the original scenarist (Writer/Story Producer/Show Runner) on Poland's Na Wspolnej. 2011 is Na Wspolnej's ninth year on air and they have now gone well over 1000 episodes.

Here's a clip of the cast being as professional as ever!

But if you want to see something really worthwhile - here's another show from Poland a friend let me know about. The guys in Ireland have taken it and dubbed it making it completely surreal and hysterical!

Last week I was rung by Sony about working for them overseas. I have itchy feet and would love another overseas adventure - so stay tuned!

I should also mention a few people who I hired and trained as writers in various countries who have now gone on to great heights.
Joko Anwar was my head writer in Indonesia on a show called - Belahan Hati for RCTI.
He once told me he was so broke at the time he couldn't afford a prayer mat so he would pray on an old newspaper. One day as he bowed down to the paper he had chosen he spotted my ad - 'Writers wanted to work in Television'. The rest is history!

From Poland Wojek Nerkowski recently won a Polish TV award for best writer on a new television show. Na Wspolnej was his first show.

Say hello if you want to chat. I am lucky to have friends from all over the world and I'm always happy for more.

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