Thursday, 23 June 2011

Second Thoughts

I'm having serious second thoughts about the last poem I put into Outrageous Rhymes - Lonely. It was the only 'moment' poem I put in. A poem written when I was having a moment about something. That one obviously about being on my own. Probably a new years eve where I had no-one to kiss or something equally as emo dramatic.

I had lots of those moment poems where I had vented emotion on paper instead of at whatever it was that upset me. A few at friends who did arsehole things as friends are want to do from time to time. And as I'm inclined to do arsehole things to others from time to time I find it better to write down a poem about whatever it is. Family gets a few - but not as many as they probably deserve - LOL. And annoying things in general that invade my personal world are the topic of most.

But I pretty much kept them out of the book because they're self indulgent crap. I just put that one in because I thought it wasn't so bad showing how vulnerable and pathetic I sometimes get. And as I said, now I'm having serious second thoughts.

If you find this and go to Smashwords and download Outrageous Rhymes and discover the poem 'Lonely' is missing. You'll know I pulled it. Thank me. If it's still in the copy you have - sorry.

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