Monday, 13 June 2016

Last day to watch Moonman on ABC's iView

Today is the last day you can watch @LawrenceMooney's #Moonman on #ABCTV #ABCIVIEW. Here's a #ComedyShowroom link

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lawrence Mooney - ABC Comedy Showroom: MOONMAN

There are only four days left to watch 's new comedy pilot, from ABC on . Here's the link if you missed it: MOONMAN

It also stars Ian Smith - best know from Neighbours, playing a hilarious parody of himself that is a must see for all Neighbours fans past and present.

Here are some reviews:


Sydney Morning Herald

From the Sydney Morning Herald Review by Debi Enker:

The standouts are The Letdown and Moonman (1 June). Written by Sarah Scheller with Alison Bell and starring Bell (Laid) as Audrey, the rattled, sleep-deprived mother of 12-week-old baby Stevie, The Letdown takes an unsentimental look at parenthood, rejecting a reassuring soft focus but not surrendering its heart in the process. It surveys a messy scene, from the sometimes competitive and judgmental spirit of mothers' – sorry, parents' – groups, to the pressure of expectations, the dampening effect on marital sex and the disappearance of kind of a social life that was once taken for granted. Director Trent O'Donnell (The MoodysNo Activity) keeps the pace lively and the pitch-perfect cast includes Noni Hazlehurst as a seen-it-all-before infant welfare nurse, Ewen Leslie as Audrey's beleaguered husband and Patrick Brammall, hilarious as a local drug dealer. 

Written by Scott Taylor and starring Lawrence Mooney as Lawrence Mooney, Moonman is loosely based on the life of the comedian, with the title character an ornery radio host overseeing the graveyard shift at Soft-FM. He's a loudmouth who drinks too much, rubs people the wrong way and gets himself into trouble. Mooney specialises in a brand of abrasive humour andMoonman offers a happy shot of it, notably in his blasts on topics such as taxis and the music of Phil Collins. But in addition to displaying the sharpness of Mooney's wit, Moonman, which is directed with flair by Clayton Jacobson (Kenny), creates a richly nuanced world with a lot of charm and allows space for a gentler style of comedy to emerge. Neighbours stalwart Ian Smith cuts loose as a fellow broadcaster, Elise Jansen is beautifully cast as Mooney's clear-eyed girlfriend and Blessing Mokgohloa is terrific as Mooney's food-truck owner confidant.

And from the Saturday Paper, written by Helen Razer

And here's some pictures from the show and behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes:

 Jojo's Kebab Van

Clayton Jacobson, our director, storyboarding a scene.

Ian Smith and his new girlfriend

The infamous park scene

Watching the shoot

The first day on set for the Moonman

Our talented cast

Late night shoot in Collingwood

Now watch the show on iview until June 14th, 2016 - SEE IT HERE

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Moonman is on ABC TV tonight at 9pm - June 1 - 2016

Tonight on ABC TV Australia can watch Moonman, starring Lawrence Mooney. You can also stream it on ABC iView. 

Here's the earlier blog entries covering the three-year journey towards getting 30 minutes of television up.