Saturday, 24 December 2016

Photos from the 50's & 60's now rediscovered

Just over a year ago my father died and my mother spent the last year reordering her life after fifty-two years of marriage. One of the things to be catalogued were their old slides, hidden away in boxes and stored deep at the back of a cupboard for the best part of fifty years.

There were 842 images in all spanning from their individual world trips from 1955 through until their meeting in 1961. Then came their passage to Australia and their earliest years together with the slides ending around 1975 when they switched to prints and albums.

Here's a selection of the slides we've digitalised. Once we've catalogued them all I'll post more, but even with these scant few, there's a sense of a time long gone and an even stronger sense that my parents, as amateur photographers, had considerable talent.

Please don't copy or reprint these pictures without permission.