Monday, 28 July 2014

One Day On The Bus.


A bus stops. Scattered passengers are seated.

Rachel gets on, talking loudly into her mobile phone. She feigns touching on with her non-existent card and then walks to the centre of the bus as she talks in a loud voice.

(on phone)
Stacey was screwing him at his place and Tracey walks in on them. 
Yeah, in her bed! Such a cat fight started and Sean just sits there like he’s watching some TV show. Anyway, Tracey’s so angry she waited about a week and went down the school. You know how they both went blonde, so they look about the same, she asks for Stacey’s kid and the school gives him to her thinking she’s Stacey. The kid never realised it wasn’t her because Tracey's on the phone the whole time ignoring him, same as Stacey does. 
I’ll tell ya what happened if you stop interrupting me. She takes him to the tattoo parlour, doesn't she, and she gets this huge Coldplay tattoo on the kid's chest. He’s only eight years old. 
I know! Stacey hates Coldplay. You can't head bang to any of their stuff. When Stacey seen it she took her kid to the cops as exhibition number one and the cops arrested Tracey and charged her for it.
Guess what the judge done to her when her trial comes up? 
(notices the bus stopping)
Ooh, this is my stop. 

She goes to exit through the open door. 

What did the judge do?

Rachel turns to look at them from the exit, short of getting off the bus.

You know how fuckin’ rude youse all are? That was a private conversation?

She exits in a huff. Doors close and the bus drives off. Rachel gives them the finger through the window as she walks the footpath, phone still to her ear.

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