Saturday, 13 July 2013

Harry Styles looks like a young Mick Jagger

We love to compare people. We have a need to categorize people into types and then take it further to individuals.

We're so quick  to ask if whoever is a new version of someone who's gone before. We do this because we want our heroes, our idols, those who really blazed a trail and left an impression on our lives, we want those bright stars to do it all again.

Who wouldn't want the Beatles to ride again and produce all those amazing hits, or someone with the charisma of Elvis or the extraordinary vocals of Babs or Whitney to pass our way again?

The originals make a huge splash and create such a shadow to be chased and mirrored by those who come after that we cheer each new hopeful stepping up to the plate. And the funny thing is, if someone is of the same caliber they blaze so bright they eventually become their own original.  

So who's the latest to throw their hat into the ring? If you go on looks alone then Mick's incredible journey is about to be recreated by another? There's an awful long way to go, but if you believe the media, he's off to a very good start.

And once you start comparing people on just their superficial looks it become a little addictive.....

Justin Bieber      Ricky Nelson            Elvis

Young Justin Bieber          Young Donny Osmond

Hmmmmm - that's just getting silly.

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