Friday, 5 July 2013

Great E Book Review and One Direction Cartoon Review

Free Ebook - Inner City

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome readMay 27, 2013
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This review is from: Inner City (Kindle Edition)
This book was so intriguing I hardly put it down. Wonderfully written it does not linger on any one event nor does it speed through scenes making it a poor read. The characters were well thought out and the inner turmoils they all face are far from dull.

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Thank you Anna - hopefully more people will come to read my book thanks to yours and the other good reviews it's been getting. Maybe one day I can actually make a living from writing. Ahhh, to dream.

And while on the subject of finding amazingly good free entertainment - I found this...

There's a whole series of four (correction - only two - and two short sections posted separately - Liam's Spoon dream the highlight!) and this is such a high quality and made with that wonderful fan love that people sometimes get right. If you love 1D then you'll laugh at so many inside jokes.... if you're not a fan you'll still laugh at the tongue in cheek teasing at the phenom that is One Direction - and you'll also laugh because it is just plain funny on its own.

Supposedly this series is animated, written, voiced and produced by Mark Parsons.
Twitter: @markalanparsons

Now, this guy is either a complete, one man production, genius - or he's the front man to a slick production house who have put together a very entertaining show and used a created author for more 'fan' cred. 

There are just so many funny lines, moments, asides, running gags, bad puns, in jokes, cheeky social comments and perfectly structured comic storytelling - including very brave timing, where falling screams and squeaky doors are held, stretched and then given one last run, long after any normal amateur would have let the gag go and lost that final laugh.

Maybe I just like silly humor, but I truly laughed so many times.

My favorite moment - a genuine spit take moment - Niall:"You're a c*$t. I'm Irish."

So my hat is off to you Mark Parsons - you are truly gifted and I really hope you are just a guy in his room having some fun. If so someone should/must snap you up for so many reasons and do it very quickly. God speed talented man!

But the Mark Parsons who speaks at the beginning of each episode does look familiar to me - an actor perhaps? His voice acting is certainly spectacularly good. Accents, singing and pretty good impersonations of all the members of 1D - even the floating head who calls on the power of 1D to save the world from evil, named Psymon (Cowell) - see, I told you, at every opportunity there is another gag that is genuinely funny!

Either way - who cares - and thanks for making me laugh, over and over and over again! Hope others find this too!

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