Thursday, 27 September 2012

Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Screenplay Competition.

I'm very happy to say I have been listed as a finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Competition for my screenplay 'One Good Day'.

Unfortunately I had to withdraw from the PAGE awards after my screenplay 'Inner City' was listed as a semi finalist because I hadn't realised I shouldn't have entered a screenplay if I'd earned over $25,000 writing scripts for TV. That was embarrassing, but the Page organisers were very good about it and, I think, happy I owned up when I did in case I'd gone further.

So this time I am very pleased to say I've re-read the rules and I am pretty sure I am eligible. Whew!

Big Break Finalists announced

Of course for those of you who have been paying attention you'll know Scott Norton is the name I use to write my novels and this blog and Scott Taylor is the name I write TV and Film under. My full name being Scott Norton Taylor.

Here's an earlier post that explains why.
What's In a Non De Plume

Hopefully, just being a finalist will lead to something happening and even if it doesn't, you know what they say about getting straight back up when you get thrown off.....

Quite a few beers helps as well - at least it did that night!

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