Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards ageing equals great art.

A few years ago in a contemporary gallery in Poland I saw an amazing piece of art that has never really left me. You walked into a room that was essentially an extension of a bay window. The shape of that room gave it a natural flow and people would follow a series of photos of the same person at various ages of his life. The figure was a male. The photos were all the same, same light, same, pose, same outfit with the subject wearing a white top and looking directly into the lens. What was remarkable was the way the pictures were taken to be timeless. You couldn't tell what year they were taken - in fact they were taken in such a way to make you feel they were all recent. But the subject had miraculously aged. He began as a young man and then every ten years or so another picture would show him older and the thing that hit you was that in the space of a few seconds from your first pictorial meeting with this man, you had seen him age a lifetime. I found it a remarkable piece of art, but also found it moving and quite sad. It certainly made me think about my own mortality.

Then I watched an old SNL show with Mick Jagger and I wondered how many times he's felt the exact same thing through the media - but in his case, he is the ageing subject... so it needed to be the subject of a post. I added Keith as well so Mick wouldn't feel lonely. Enjoy!

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This book is AWESOME! it keeps you wanting to read the entire time. It tells of 2 worlds, and both are 
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