Sunday, 22 April 2012

20 Of The Most Amazing, Inspirational Or Funny Moments From The Net

I thought I'd just throw these together - some of my favourites moments found on the net. One of the skills of any writer is procrastination and the internet is the perfect tool for that!

A homeless boy steals the show on a talent show.

The current season of Britain's got Talent turns up more unlikely looking talented singers.

An Early season - Andrew Johnston who told of being bullied.

Emannual from X Factor Australia, had the saddest, yet inspirational life story and outlook on life. He stole the show at auditions, was used as the promo highlight for weeks by the show, and then was cut from any further rounds without getting to sing again.

An extraordinary electric guitar vocalist.

J-Mac - Inspiration on and off the court.

This is apparently footage shot for an ad, but it's a highlight all the same.

An Australian ball-boy catches like a Sir.

This guy went to jail - he should have gone into movies!

For anyone who has ever had their carpark stolen by an A@*hole!

I bet they could never do this again!

Stalking cat can be watched over and over - an amazing look at a hunter at work.

One of my favourite comedian - Ricky Gervaise insulting even the elite and getting away with it.

Spike Miligan - the father of modern comedy. Gone but not forgotten. Even Ricky would be proud of this moment.

Say what?

Pure inspiration and make me watch in awe and feel petty about my concerns all at once.

There are no small parts, only small people. Everyone can make a difference and this man obviously has!

One of the many heart warming military reunions - this one courtesy of Ellen.

And who's going to miss a sister's graduation?

I love sport. I'm not sure why so many cannot see all the things that playing sports teaches a person about life, condensed into a far smaller, far more observable moment in time. This one, despite what anyone tells you, never give up.

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