Saturday, 2 July 2011

Thank you readers of Inner City!

To those who have read Inner City - Thank you all so much  I put the novel on here at blogger - I think it was in January. I was shocked by how many people were coming to the blog, but as I learnt more and more about places to list and advertise to interested readers, I found Smashwords.

Since the middle of March, thousands of people have downloaded Inner City and another thousand + have visited the Inner City blog site. How many of those visitors read the novel is hard to say. The blogs now redirect people to Smashwords and it now seems to be a fairly steady of new readers of 10-20 a day. Fantastic and thanks so much. I only hope everyone who downloads the novel is enjoying it.

The other published works, Outrageous Rhymes and Three Karmic Shorts are just volumes made up of writing that I do from time to time for my own enjoyment. I will have a story rattling in my mind that becomes a short story or I have a topic that I think deserves to be a poem.

I'd always been looking for some way to get these to readers who may enjoy them as well, but I am really against pressuring friends to read, so Smashwords is perfect and again to everyone reading - thanks!

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