Monday, 11 July 2011

New Draft - It's a Boy!

Once again I seem to be able to pick up the small typos and other glitches only once the book is into an e-reader format. It must be the way it's set out or something funny going on with my eyes when I read it on word... because it's obviously missing words etc that I find the most. Little words like 'can' or 'let' - "The last thing we wanted was to (LET) him think....."

And people are downloading it so quickly. I only put it on a few hours ago and have already had one email from a lovely women who said she read it and liked it. That was after about 2 hours. Amazing and thanks so much.

The final draft with my typos gone - as much as I can manage - will be up in about 20 minutes. Hopefully before too many more downloads go through.

The past/present tense is something I found very difficult writing 'It's a Boy'. Mainly because of the history. It was originally written as a journal - simple dates and notes on what happened. Sometimes very brief outlines and other entries well thought out and written in detail. So when I put it all together and added an overall voice, I found it really tricky to know where to keep the present voice and when to go to a voice that was obviously looking back.

I still find it hard to read from an emotional sense and I've done that enough times over the past few weeks getting it ready. So no more. I hope everyone who reads enjoys. And thanks to everyone who is downloading! It's so nice to have work I thought would never be read by anyone, because publishers said there would be no market for the subject, being gobbled up by so many people so quickly! Power to the Indi writer and thank you, thank you, thank you readers!

A few people have asked for this so why not - here we are from about the time Joel came to be with us. Brett will kill me if he see this old picture up - but too bad. He's too pretty not to be shown off! Besides - as you all know by now - it's not even his real name. It's close, but just a name for the story. But the picture is of him at the age of about 23 or 24.

And me - before my hair started to disappear!!!

So, so long ago. 

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