Friday, 6 January 2017


Government Health Minister, Sussan Ley proved she has her finger on the impulse of the nation when she revealed the purchase of a property, while on a ministerial trip to the Gold Coast, was unplanned.

Some condemned the minister for buying a property worth around $800,000 on impulse, but it’s an easy trap to fall into and reinforces why properties aren’t displayed at supermarket check-outs.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten ignored Minister Ley’s attempt to kick start the trickle-down-economy by inserting a catheter into her portfolio and leaking onto the nation's poor, instead, like a union official at a gentleman’s club, he leered over the cost of the tax-payer funded trip.

Remembering how well the tactic worked when, extra from Wentworth, Bronwyn Bishop hired a private helicopter and told the Australian taxpayers to sit and rotate, Shorten scrutinised Minister Ley’s ability to make it rain on the government tab while on a trip that included her unplanned, late night purchase at a Gold Coast street auction. (Who hasn’t been there?)

Outrageous, out of touch, political elitism at its most blatant? Without question - which is why the purchase of the luxury beach-side property went without question. If you’re wondering where the current string of protest votes comes from; why the UK Brexited; why Trump trumped Hillary: Why we have Pauline Hanson the sequel, it’s because people are tired of being told to bend over by people like our Health Minister while she gauges the nation's temperature with her ever expanding property portfolio. 

Sussan Ley is the co-payment nobody wants. She’s out of touch with your average young non-home-owner. Yet Bill Shorten is silent about a Government Minister spending fifteen times the average wage in the same way most of us buy bread, milk and a kayak from Aldi. He’s silent at a time when the government, so governed by self-interest, are ready to swindle their parents out of their pensions? He’s silent about their entitled lives while Minister Ley and her colleagues trawl Centrelink recipients like a patient with an STD calls ex-lovers, “Yeah, hi, not sure If I gave you something extra or not – but now it’s up to you to check.”

It’s this sort of behaviour and Bill Shorten’s silence that is encouraging voters to look to outrageous alternatives. People see sameness between the main parties and are rolling the dice, figuring if the alternatives can’t fix the system, they’ll at least blow it up.

Sussan Ley charged $3,125 in travel expenses to the Australian taxpayer while her party surgically excises wealth from the poor to heal the deficit. She says her $800,000 purchase of a luxury property was, “Not planned or anticipated,” – to which I say to you Health Minister – "Don’t splash me with your urinary tract trickle down policy and tell me it’s raining."

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