Thursday, 17 November 2016

Moonman TV Series - ABC TV Australia

The ABC has decided not to pick up Moonman as a series. Everyone involved is disappointed, of course - but we are looking for another home. 

I would love to let the world see what we had planned - the marriage, the birth, the twitterstorm fuelled by Lawrence's unique ability to incite outrage.

As to the show or shows the ABC went with - that's for the ABC to announce - but I have seen the iView figures and can confirm the decision went with the most viewers, the most word of mouth - so no complaints from me there. 

International Student has been announced - so good luck to them going into a series - and same goes for any others that get the nod from the ABC's Comedy Showroom. It was a great initiative and my thanks to Rick Kalowski and all at ABC, Screen Australia and FilmVic for making it possible.

The most important people to thank are still in on the journey and, like me, have their fingers crossed this is not the end of almost four years work - That includes everyone at Renegade Films, most notably Joe Connor our EP and Jen Livingston our Producer. Clayton Jacobson our Director. The entire cast of Moonman, with a special mention to Ian Smith who revelled in being the bad boy - and the multi-talented Lawrence Mooney.

Lawrence and I began this whole thing way back in July of 2013 and it would be a shame to see it end so abruptly.

You can also still see the show - but, of course, there's a fee. Find it here.

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