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Moonman - In production

(Written September 19, 2015 - the reason this post was not posted at the time it was written is from a publicity embargo. We were asked to say nothing about the show and that request was in place until the Network begins its own publicity for the show.)

"ABC COMEDY SHOWROOM brings together some of Australia’s best comic talent for six new pilots, each the first episode of a brand new sitcom. ABC audiences will get to vote via ABC iview for the shows they want back as full series. The move is similar to Amazon’s pilot vetting process and UK network Channel 4’s Comedy Showcase.
  • EDDIE PERFECT: THE FUTURE IS EXPENSIVE Creator, writer and star Eddie Perfect (Offspring, Playschool) navigates modern life as a husband and father, never sure if the absurdity around him is really happening. Directed by Matthew Saville. Produced by Rosemary Blight and Lauren Edwards for Goalpost Pictures. Executive Producers for Goalpost: Kylie Du Fresne and Ben Grant.
  • KATE MCCARTNEY & KATE MCLENNAN’s BLEAK From The Katering Show team – the definitive look at losing your job, catching your boyfriend f*cking someone else, and moving back with your parents – all on the same day. Created, written by and starring Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney. Directed by Kate McCartney. Also stars Shane Bourne, Brooke Satchwell, Jean Kittson, Toby Truslove and Sammy J. Co-produced by McCartney and McLennan for Lead Balloon. Produced by Laura Waters and Jessica Leslie for Princess Pictures.
  • RONNY CHIENG: INTERNATIONAL STUDENT The Daily Show (US)’s Ronny Chieng comes home to star in his hilarious tale of moving from Malaysia to go to uni in Australia. Created and written by Ronny Chieng & Declan Fay. Directed by Jonathan Brough. Produced by Donna Andrews for Sticky Pictures.
  • THE LETDOWN From the producers of The Chaser, the story of a struggling new mum and the local Mothers’ Group she thinks she doesn’t need. Created & written by Alison Bell & Sarah Scheller. Stars Alison Bell, Noni Hazlehurst. Directed by Trent O’Donnell. Produced by Julian Morrow and Martin Robertson for Giant Dwarf.
  • LAWRENCE MOONEY: MOONMAN Lawrence Mooney bums through life as a hard-partying latenight radio host, until news from his long-suffering girlfriend turns life upside down. Also stars Ian Smith (Neighbours), Elise Jansen. Produced by Joe Connor and Jen Livingston for Renegade Films. Directed by Clayton Jacobson. Created & written by Scott Taylor.
  • THE LEGEND OF GAVIN TANNER From the makers of DAFUQ?, and based on the hit webseries – Balladeen, WA’s crappiest pot dealer Gavin Tanner (Matt Lovkis) sets out every week to prove he’s the biggest legend in town. Always with disastrous results. Created, written and directed by Matt Lovkis and Henry Inglis. Produced by Lauren Elliott for Mad Kids."

Moonman, Episode one has been shot. We finished the shoot yesterday.

The quick back story goes like this - Moonman was commissioned by ABC Australia in February 2014. This means it was commissioned for development with an end goal of on air early 2016.

Development was no guarantee - we'd reach a point where the network would agree for us to go forward or not.

Somewhere in the middle of 2014 we went from heading to a series to heading to one of six separate shows, all getting a single pilot episode and then hoping to be given the nod to go forward into a series. six companies submitting six different pilots. From these, we guess, the ABC will decide how many go on to a series - hopefully they all will.

We made it through development and reached the green light for a pilot and that pilot completed shooting on 18th of September 2015.

Now we wait for the network and the audience to decide our fate. Does the world want to find out what happens to Moonman and his girlfriend, Kate, beyond the pilot episode - time will tell.

Read the full Moonman road to production story here: 

Here's the behind the scenes from the pilot.

Our Cast.

Day 1 Shoot
Moonman AKA Lawrence Mooney is on set.

And quickly on a Segway.

The bum, Hugh Marchant, waits to greet Moonman at the bus stop.

Jojo's Kebabs - Jojo played by Blessing Mokgohloa.

Moonman's Director, Clayton Jacobson, story boarding scenes.

Day 3 - Radio station.

The brilliant Ian Smith is a hit with the ladies.

A run in with taxi drivers becomes a running gag.

The infamous pedophile in the park scene.

Watching the live feed with producer, Jen Livingston.

The Saturday before the the first Monday of the shoot and still working on the final scene to get a tick from the ABC.

Outside the suburban Moonman house - the crew invades.

The crew tents nearby.

EP Joe Connor, Jen Livingston, Production Designer Robbie Perkins and Clayton Jacobson discuss an upcoming scene.

Joe and Jen watching scenes as they're shot.

Moonman is arrested - and so his saga begins.

You can't outrun police forever, Moonman!

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