Thursday, 15 January 2015

Recreating Family Photos 2

This is a trend that has taken off and I for one couldn't be happier. People around the world are jumping on board and making my day with their hilarity at trying to create the dumbest, most embarrassing pictures ever taken of them in their childhood.

Thank you all so much!

Here's one to get us started, showing genuine committment...

Gorgeous. The baby one's also cute.

And who doesn't like a baby - or a dozen?

The brilliance of this is how long his legs grew!

The only difference, dad looks genuinely tired in the first...

This proves you cannot pick a hipster from a baby photo.

Still amazed he made a person.

If you don't stop bad habits as a child...

Still beautiful!

Fantastic effort.

Only missed matching the sheets.

Funny then, funny now.

This is true recreation commitment - silly and messy! A+

Just missing the reflective almost naked photobomber.

 Missing a top... a cute top.

You magnificent bastard!

Made no sense then, makes less sense now - Virtuoso silliness!

It's time to let him go! Seriously!

The true aim of the father/son relationship is to find a drinking buddy.

Not quite the same, "Shit, I'm falling," look of terror.

The cupcake T makes this.

And now for some in the same place... was it coincidence they ended back in the same place years later or did they include it in their travels just for us? Let's hope it's the later.

And it won't have changed when they're eighty.

The soldier is such a dick - hiding his spiky hat.

A twink, a poodle, a bear - oh, my!

It's sort of inappropriately phallic.

If you're going all that way at least pack the right shorts.

Someone cut the Ivy.

The importance of stupid faces to recreating photos can't be stressed enough. 

You're on skis - big deal. C-

Okay, on a wall, weird leg position - better. C

You're on a children's party train! Yes, now you're getting it! B+

Let's ramp it up with same pose and same outfit.... showing ever more commitment.
Nice tats.

The clothes are a great match.

Okay, cool family is cool.

Floral chairs have gone out of fashion - obviously.

What did you feed the little one on the end?

The phone is excellent.

Two Teddys and matching facial expressions. Good work.

Look at the outfits! They grew too! Commitment!

The tree, the clothes, the inappropriate large child on a lap - it's all working.

Another little guy growing ridiculously big - but it makes the photo.

Forgot the perfect sunset - do it again, please and later in the day.

Oh, mum. You are wearing the uniform of a MILF.

Makes no sense - I love it!

How could you possibly know he'd grow so big?

It's been twenty years and your brother is still laughing because you don't know how to sit like a lady on a chair!

All those years when your relatives asked - "Why were you all looking so odd in that photo?" Now they know - for recreation brilliance.
The suspenders earn an A.

The doll's a brunette. Fail. F 

Who can guess which member of this family thought this was  a bad idea?

Nerd squared - and he kept the certificate of participation!

Genius - now recreate sliding down the stairs!

This is how you do these photos. 
1/ Select your best idiot photo
2/ Let yourself regress to the idiot within!

The instruments of the pre-schooler.
Here comes 'Hot Crossed Buns'. 

Same chairs, same color cup - but you Blondy - you ate too much of your sandwich! Fail!

You grew the beard to distract from your delicate features, right?

The lesson here is do not beat up your little brother too badly until he's 
finished growing.


My eyes! The shirts do not travel - time travel!

I don't know how I feel about this one....

 But Juxtaposed with this next one...
I can see it fitting.

This one makes me sad.

This one makes me think they are wild and crazy guys.
(Insert Steve Martin voice here)

What about props?

Props are worth keeping.

Not yet ready to ride, but in a few more years he will be.

And some worthy mentions....

Photoshop level Awesome!

My role model.


Finally, my precioussssssssss!

It's true - it does make your hair fall out.

Go on, say it again. "This is the very last time I do this!"

This photo is all sorts of goodness for recreation value.

Reminds me how much I'm enjoying Amazon's Transparent.

And now the best of the best - Place, Outfit, Pose and general stupidity all present. 

A little plastic, but that's modern social media for you.


God I love this man's shorts - that's commitment. 

All kinds of Awwww!

Everything's right - bravo!

All kinds of idiot.

It must have been a fun house to grow up in. 
Four magnificent idiots.

A+ At least in the second the carpet was already stained cocoa.

*Starts slow hand clap.

Bad ideas make great recreation photos.


I only included this one because these two men are wanted for 
Musical offences committed over many years. 

The effort you've gone to! Big brothers rock!

Still can't do an Olly, just the pose - but still worth it.

You adorable, silly girl/woman!

It just seems like yesterday.


You grew into reverse photo symmetry!

Where's the silly?

Second Santa says WTF?

If you have one of those photos that has hung in your house to embarrass you for years - recreate it!

They were off white - details my friend.

Even the shoes! Extra marks!

The good news is you got better at making beak hats. 

Lucky you didn't have them both on the bike.

If you have an old bath photo then you're half way home.

Look at the legs on the tiny kid straddling the lion's head.

Degree of difficulty - bubbles.

Everyone's doing it.

The smiley face got bigger!

I can't even see a difference.

And my grand winner for complete embarrassment embracement is...

For years they told him to hide those photos and instead he said -
Take this bitches!
Bad, embarrassing photo update time!

Take a bow!

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