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Inner City - New Reviews

Posted February 4, 2013

 EXCELLENT free book

This was a great read from start to finish Most free books suck but i actually
found a greaat book here. Check for yourself
    Posted June 3, 2013
     Starts a little slow but turns into a great story that you just can't put down. Great
    characters. A great read.

A couple of new reviews have been posted on Nook Books, link above, and thank 
you.I am getting very close to being finished with this book, having just done another 
draft that tightens it up and makes it more of the thriller it's supposed to be. I am also 
sending it off to an editor after a number of reviews have made comments about 
poor proof reading. Try as I might I can't seen to catch them all - so I am going to a 
pro to red pen the things I am missing.

My last task will be to find a name I am happy with. Inner City has been a great 
working title as I redraft, but it doesn't tell you much about the story or the themes.
Originally it was called "The Lifeboat Precedent" - but that was too much like a 
lecture, so I am leaning to something simple.
                                                                                     Inner City - by Scott Norton

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