Thursday, 21 March 2013

Recreating Family Photos

I came across this picture quite a few months ago....

                                                                                                       And thought it was such a great idea I had to find more. Since then I've been collecting them - and there are lots to find.

The secret to making a great Now/Then Family Photo Recreation is to find the "Then" photo that is the silliest, weirdest, or easiest pose for a child - but a pose that is hard or near impossible for an adult to recreate - and then surrender your dignity and recreate it.

The inhibitions and imagination of a child seems sweet and natural - but recreated - it's just plain funny.

Thanks to the many who posted!

Generational? Bride 1 is mum 2?

It's all in the expression!

It's a bigger bath - but nice work!

Commitment! Loving your work.

I feel sorry for blondie on the end! 

Ohhhh - he's so cute! Still!

Still a favourite - and mum's still saying, no, you can't have a cookie.

She always knew it was a bad idea.

It's all in the shirt.

Trend setting as a youngster with the big glasses.

Simple - effective - silly.

This is how you recreate a photo!

Poor dad!


Quite a few young/old dog motifs - always nice.

We need bigger shoes!

Brotherly love?

Perfect original to recreate - silliness works.

Wow - you both grew.

Love the Disney recreation - now add the next one in another 15 years.

This is called going all the way.



The best recreation yet!

How did she get up there?

Holy crap - that little guy's been working out.

You idiot! - but loving your work.

Ummm - I really hope that's a small door.

The first so innocent - the second... all grown up.


Before it was the shirt - now definitely the pants.

Again the pants make this.

Loving the baby fat.

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  1. The very first photo (the wedding one) is me! The first photo was my mom as a bride in 1978 with her parents, and then we recreated it in 2011 at my own wedding. :)

    1. So sorry I missed your comment for so long - but what a wonderful thing to have - the two photos. I hope you continue the tradition! Thanks for putting it out on the net.