Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Free E Book For Christmas!

Thanks to the almost five thousand people visiting this blog last month. Every month there are more, which is a nice thing to see.

As a thank you and as an early Christmas Present I have made my latest E book - The Law of Happiness and Divorce - free for the next two months.

The Law of Happiness and Divorce.

The Law of Happiness and Divorce is a contemporary dark comedy about a young man, Bailey, struggling to make his way in a world he naively believes to be just.

He falls in love with Jenna, who takes it upon herself to educate him to the realities of the world. As Jenna and Bailey’s relationship grows they befriend a drug addict named Kylie. When Jenna discovers she can’t have children and Kylie falls pregnant the three become entwined as a family. 

Over the next five years, as Bailey goes from dead end name tag job to corporate executive, he becomes addicted to drugs and power at the expense of his morals. With Kylie losing her battle to rehabilitate herself from drugs and Bailey so changed he’s able to reconcile actions that hurt those around him, Kylie takes drastic action to remove the worst influences from her young son’s life, leaving Jenna to raise her child alone. 

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