Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Justin Bieber in Australia

Justin Bieber is in Australia for a whistle stop tour that is part of the Australian X Factor finale. He filmed a performance to be shown on the final night and spent the evening in St Kilda, a cafe district of Melbourne. Then he headed to Sydney where this happened -

How funny. A guy about the right age, size and hair colour was staying in the hotel, went to his window and the Bielebers went crazy.

I thought I would try to help this from happening again. Here are some other things that look a little bit like, but are not Justin Bieber.

You have to look closely with this one, but Bieber is the one... hang on, I think with the eyebrows.

This one's just silly. One's a cartoon and one's a chipmonk.

Okay, I know this one, both are horny, but didn't Justin cut his hair? So this one is trick - or a neither bieber.

Hmmm... I want to say no, but...

Okay, that's getting silly again. No-one's going to mistake Justin Bieber for a dog!

I take it back.

Now this next group are everywhere and many do look like Justin. But they're not, they're ladies who like ladies. They even have their own site. Lesbians who look like Bieber. I think the collective noun for lesbians is a 'butch' of lesbians. So here they are in all their glory... 



Hang on... wasn't that... doesn't matter.

And finally - models who look like Bieber....


And here's the real thing.

Now don't get confused again....
Hope that helps everyone!

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